TunesCodes Rewards

TunesCodes Rewards ("The Program") is a points oriented program that rewards loyalty in its customers by issuing points based on dollar amount spent. 


How to Enroll

It's FREE & EASY to sign up! Once you create an account on, you are already enrolled into the TunesCodes Rewards Program! It's that easy!

How to Earn Points

For every dollar spent, ONE (1) point is earned. Bonus points can be earned by the following:

Spend $50.00* and receive 5 bonus points

Spend $100.00* and receive 10 bonus points

Spend $200.00 or more* and receive 30 bonus points

*Must be in one (1) transaction.

How to Redeem/Check Points

Please email TunesCodes Support ( for redemtion/inquiry of Reward Points. Any email, once a month, will be spent out regarding the balance of your Rewards Points

What Can I Earn With My Points?

500 Points = $10.00 OFF TunesCodes Coupon

5,000 Points = iPod® Shuffle

10,000 Points = iPod® Nano

15,000 Points = iPod® Touch

25,000 Points = iPad® (Current Generation)

We reserve the right to add to and/or change the TunesCodes Rewards program (“program”) Terms & Conditions at any time. This means, for example, that we may change the number of points earned for spending, or the number of points required to redeem rewards, impose caps and/or fees on earning and/or redeeming points, increase the annual and/or other program fees and/or cancel rewards. In addition, we reserve the right to terminate the program with three months’ prior notice. During the three-month notice period, we may change or cancel some or all of the then-current rewards. The TunesCodes Member’s (“you,” “your” or “CM”) right to earn points and redeem accumulated points will terminate three months after we give you this notice.